The Churchill Difference

During the 2010-11 school year, two alums, Jesse Medalia Strauss and Julian Cohen-Serrins approached our Head of School, Dr. Siebert and expressed their interest in producing a few short movies to share with the community and beyond to teach people about learning disabilities and The Churchill experience. Before heading back to school in fall 2011 they left us with four short movies. 

Video 1: What is a Learning Disability
Video 2: Life Before Churchill
Video 3: The Churchill Difference
Video 4: Life Beyond Churchill 

Before watching, learn more about Jesse and Julian. 

Jesse Medalia Strauss graduated Churchill in 2009, ten years after he first enrolled in 3rd grade. After a whole decade at Churchill, the school has played a vital and integral role in helping Jesse grow to work with his learning disability and become the person he is today. Churchill is very much a part of his family and always will be.  During his time at the school, Jesse developed a keen interest in film-making and photography. He went on to develop the 2009 Senior Class Video. 

Now Jesse is a film and media major at American University and produces web videos for But every break he always takes care to visit his old school and hang out with the teachers and friends who he grew up with and helped define who he is. Churchill will always hold an important part in Jesse's heart. If you are interested in seeing more of his work or would like to get in touch with him you can always visit his website  

Julian Cohen-Serrins entered his first year at Churchill in 2005, as a High School freshman. Within his first few months Julian quickly understood that his learning disability was not going to hold him back from anything he wanted to do. As the years went on Julian began to realize a passion for academics and with the steadfast support of the Churchill community Julian was able to make a confident transition into college. 

Today, Julian is beginning his junior year at Dickinson College with a major in Psychology and a minor in Political Science. While Julian is certainly enjoying college he will always know and be grateful for the support, confidence and passion that Churchill instilled in him. Julian will always continue to visit Churchill and keep in touch with all of his peers and teachers he befriended along the way.


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© 2009 The Churchill School and Center    301 East 29th Street New York, NY 10016    Tel 212 722 0610    Fax 212 722 1387