The Churchill Center

The Churchill Center was established in 1981 to build upon, and disseminate, the knowledge and expertise of The Churchill School. The Center offers parent workshops, educational programs, professional development in the field of learning disabilities, tutor referral, and school advisory to students, parents, teachers of general & special education, and related service providers. 

The Churchill Center Services and Programs

Parent Educational Network (PEN) - PEN programs and workshops offer parents/guardians the knowledge and strategies to better support their children's needs. PEN events are held throughout the school year, and are available to Churchill and non-Churchill parents, families and friends, teachers and related service providers. 

Reading Initiative (after-school reading program for grades 1-3) - A free, 27 week after-school program children attending public and parochial schools in the New York City area that do not receiving private tutoring or extra reading supports through their school district. Classes are taught by trained teachers using Preventing Academic Failure (PAF), a systematic phonics & decoding program based on the Orton-Gillingham method.

Tutor Referral Service - Our service recommends highly qualified tutors and other professionals with expertise in providing extra support to students with diverse learning styles. We offer tutor pairing for both Churchill and non-Churchill students.

School Advisory Service - A resource and referral service for parents and professionals seeking guidance in selecting appropriate school and/or summer programs for elementary through post-secondary students. Please see brochure for associated fees. 

Professional Development - We hold a plethora of educator-focused professional development workshops throughout the year, many of these in collaboration with local schools and organizations. We also offer teacher training workshops through our Summer Institute.

Further Education - Manhattanville College at The Churchill School offers Master's Degree and Certification programs, in the fields of Special Education and Literacy,at significantly reduced tuition rates. Fall and Spring semester courses are offered, and clases take place at The Churchill School and Center. 


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